WP 4 - Integration of technologies for cost effective monitoring

WP 4 Lead: LLNL

Joshua White

Schematic illustration of seabed uplift and possible monitoring methods (not to scale).

WP4 includes evaluation of the method developed in WP3 by applying it to case studies of field scale and synthetic data. The main activities include:

  • Assessment of the efficiency of the ground deformation monitoring technique based on the inversion algorithm
  • Providing a full set of geomechanical and hydraulic properties of the subsurface based on available data
  • Evaluation of the ground-monitoring approach for real time monitoring and early warning
  • Assessment of subsea deformation monitoring technologies and their applicability to offshore carbon storage operations in the US Offshore.

Participating persons:
Ola Eiken:
Christian Berndt:
Ziqiu Xue:
Zoya Zarifi:
Tip Meckel:
Joonsang Park:
Per Magnus Sparrevik:
Ceri Vincent:
Bahman Bohloli: